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Я просто хочу оставить себе этот диалог о финале Drakengard 3 на вечную память, ибо он шикарен!

Pod 153 to Pod 042 — Analysis: The final 2 notes of this song have been placed there deliberately by the director of this game.

Pod 042 to Pod 153 — Query: What was the director's purpose of placing the aforementioned notes in their positions?

Pod 153 to Pod 042-- Unknown. Hypothesis: The director of this game is what humans of the old world refer to as a "troll".

Pod 042 to Pod 153 — Agreed.

@музыка: Drakengard 3 OST - Black song, White scales

@настроение: !!!

@темы: In-game, Этот веселый мир